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Midwifery in Partnership with Families


I am an Endorsed Midwife. I have a passion for holistic family homebirth. Continuity is my motivation, women having a known midwife by their side to navigate through the transformative journey of pregnancy, birth and mothering.

I was born in the Tuntable Valley in a dome, near Nimbin. My mum birthed me surrounded by family and friends, one stormy night in the middle of summer. 

 I grew up there going to the little community school, I witnessed my first homebirth when I was 6yrs old. From then on I was inspired. At 16yrs old I started going to births of friends and family.

Our local homebirth midwife suggested I go to university and study to be a midwife. This took me on a long journey through the system, from which I learnt a great many skills on how to use the practices of our modern-day health care system to benefit women. Now, although I am completely independent from this system, I work in collaboration and recognise the benefits when complexities arise.

My husband, Steve and I have three kids, we have home birthed, co-slept, baby worn, practiced EC, consciously parented our way though 18years together.

Our home is nestled in the green hills of Dorroughby, bordering Rocky Creek, Nightcap National Park. We live sustainably with solar, veggies, chickens, bees and many native animals including koalas, wallabies and a diverse array birds.

It is my heartfelt longing to be part of the change women of our day need to come through to be healthy wholesome mothers in loving families, surrounded by thriving communities.

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