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Antenatal, Homebirth and postnatal Care plans

Having choice in how and where you birth

As a midwife, I understand the the journey through our current birth climate 

 With me, you get to decide. I can offer you all the traditional care woven into the fabric of the modern ways.

Baby's Hand

Homebirth Continuity of Care

Homebirth Midwifery is my passion, I grew up in the Tuntable Valley, always feeling this yearning to continue the traditions of the women who raised me, being with families birthing at home. 

This journey has taken me through education, family, the modern health care system and now back to my roots of the Northern Rivers.

Now I can offer you 

Complete Continuity of Care in your home— with Medicare $5000—$5500

Complete Continuity Care in your home— no Medicare $7000

Appointments may also be at Birth and Beyond in Nimbin

Payment plans can be arranged as well as work in kind.

Care covers as early in your pregnancy as you like to six weeks postpartum.

This includes:

∞ Ultrasound Referrals∞ Blood Examination∞ Medical Certificates∞ Navigating the Maternity Care Unit∞ Back up from Dr Addenbrooke ∞ a second midwife either Nat, Jenny, Libby or Shannon

∞ a la bassine birth pool ∞ my birth knowledge and skills ∞ my birth kit, including oxygen ∞ postpartum care including ∞ breastfeeding support ∞ transition into matresence ∞ the first forty days of rest ∞ 

extra's available with each care plan: 

Night Nanny $250/night

Massage $75/half hr

Dong Qui Soup organic vegetarian or chicken $30/kg

Lactation cookies $15/dozen

Lactation tea $15 each

Antenatal Care Only

I can provide antenatal care in your home or at Birth and Beyond in Nimbin or Empowering Health and wellbeing in Lismore.
At each appointment I offer an assessment of your physical wellbeing, discuss planning and preparation for birthing, listen to your baby's heartbeat, palpate growth and wellbeing. 

Appointments are 1-2hrs
$120 per appointment (with $30-$50   Medicare rebate).
Home visits additional travel at 70cents per KM.
I offer: 
∞ Ultrasound Referrals
∞ Blood Examination
∞ Medical Certificates
∞ Navigating the Maternity Care Unit
∞ During pregnancy some women suffer hyperemesis gravidarum, for this I am able to provide a care plan including intravenous infusions, medication and complimentary therapies.

Postnatal Care Only

My visits are nurturing you in your recovery, I bring a wealth of knowledge in breastfeeding and attachment parenting. I teach how to connect with your baby, although natural, this is a learnt art, connecting through skin contact, close sleeping, aware parenting and learning to listen to your baby's cues. 

I offer recovery from complex birth. Debrief and unravelling the journey, healing your body, assessing your blood physiology, recognising and supporting your feelings and thought processes. Supporting your partner through their experience. Engaging your partner in connected parenting.

In home visits are:

$120. With a $70 Medicare rebate. Travel 70¢ /km.

Birth and Beyond - Nil travel costs for appointments 

Additional extra’s only available with the above package

Night Nanny $250/night

Massage $75/half hr

Dong Qui Soup organic vegetarian or chicken $30/kg

Lactation cookies $15/dozen

Lactation tea $15 each

venepuncture - free

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